Type in a command, or "ls dictionary" to search all commands for "dictionary", etc.

Create A New Command

Hmm! Looks like you're creating a new command!
Good for you, buckeroo!
First type in the desired name for your new command (a name that hasn't been used already).
e.g. gim
Next, paste in the URL for your command. If your command takes parameters (like "porsche 911"), use %s to indicate where to put them e.g. http://images.google.com/images?q=%s. (For more complex commands, there are advanced tricks, like ${multiple parameters})
e.g. http://images.google.com/images?q=%s
Before you go on, try out your command! It's important to get it right, because the only way to fix your command is to send me an email.

e.g. gim porsche 911 (will open in a new window)
Finally, enter a description so that others will know what your command does. People like examples! Here's a good description:

Google Maps Search. Google Maps has several handy features included within it.

To map out a single location, just type the address.
Example: gmaps 123 Maple Dr. Detroit, MI

To find businesses or other specific things, simply give the location and business.
Example: gmaps pizza in Detroit

Tested your command and it works OK? Time to make it real.