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(This command has been awarded a Yubnub Golden Egg)

open {strReplace -find ; -replace %7D;%7Burl+${cmd}+ -string %7Burl+${cmd}+%s%7D}
     MultiTab - Open several tabs

     MultiTab url1;url2;url3;...
     MultiTab command1;command2;command3;...
     MultiTab parameter1;parameter2;parameter3;... -cmd command

    Multitab www.apple.com
    Open a new tab(useless because closes the current one)

    Multitab ipod;macbook;g5 -cmd froo 
    Open several tabs with the same command but with different parameters

    MultiTab cars racer;hamar;norway -cmd flk
    Same as previous but with the multiword parameter "cars racer"
    (Stian, Do you want anything else? :)

    MultiTab y ipod;g pepe;wp ferrari;www.yubnub.org;gmaps ny
    Open several tabs with different commands on each one

    MultiTab y;y;y;y;y;y;y;y;y
    If you are obsessive...(I haven't found any limit yet! cool!)
    (Just discovered: look at the random tips at the top of the page)

    MultiTab ls
    goes to http://opensolaris.org/os/ (¿!? I don´t understand either)

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